Dream High 2 Episode 2 Preview

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Dream High 2 Episode 2 Preview - Episode 2 begins with selca HershE and I: dn (Eden). It's like a part of the reality show that shows that they would be in the same school, the Kirin. Kecute Ri's with her showing off the new uniforms, and each gets a turn selca personal HershE respectively. Including I: dn, before JB disrupt the event with a statement about the curfew regulations, and Shi Woo HershE directly encourage JB to idle boasting.

Synopsis High Dream 2 episode 2:

Back to the story line. Last scene yesterday, managed to save JB Hye Sung Yoo Jin of punches, even Yoo Jin alone affected the sap. Poor Yoo Jin. Their dispute to continue, if only the fans do not come bergerumul.

JB prepared to be gripped by a lot of female fans, as he came out of the information. Hye Sung who believes that he is number one of JB fans, trying to save JB. The second time? Hye Sung block and let the JB fans are direct engga Hye Sung JB looks like a hug. Even their faces were close together.

This could be called a disaster for JB. But for Hye Sung, this opportunity as a blessing given to him from heaven. Hye Sung was not his name if he engga use it for fangirling moment. JB Hye Sung tried to kiss her.

Fortunately, Sung Hye opportunity to give a kiss on JB, FAIL. Lee Kang Chul came and tried to calm the crowd. Fool the fans and he immediately took JB to a safe place.

JB engga really liked her involvement in the Kirin. Obviously, Kirin Kirin is no longer the first. Kirin now changes course, will make people change their thinking.

Hye Sung arguably lucky woman. But engga luck on his side forever. Hye Sung was in the crowd accidentally his friends who was busy at something. And suddenly, when Hye Sung arrived, he immediately became the spotlight.

Why? Photo of Sung Hye Jin Yoo captured by the excitement when a fire, published by friends Yoo Jin. And it's become a laughingstock. Hye Sung actually looks very strange and messy in the photo, engga wonder everyone laugh.

Hong Joo came over Hye Sung, Sung Hye photo exhibit at the cell phone. Hong Joo said if he got the picture from Yoo Jin. Hong Joo even have to pay as much as 500 won plus special effects to photos they say exclusive.

Hye Sung heat, heat the crown of his head in exasperation. Ji Soo How could embarrass herself in front of people. Hye Sung changed clothes with armor. Ha. He then headed to the dorm room Yoo Jin.

Hye Sung said to himself, "Yoo Jin .. Just wait for my revenge."
Arriving in the room Yoo Jin, Sung Hye Jin Yoo grew annoyed that make photo panahannya JB as a target game.
Hye Jin Yoo Sung approached.
Jin Yoo Hye Sung surprised by the arrival, "It's a dormitory men, why are you here?"
"You better get out of my way, going as far as possible before I mengacaukanmu."
"Sure, I'll do it. Well, you can go now."
Hye Sung and then his finger in the ear menjetikan Yoo Jin, until the fibers of the sweater Hye Sung Jin Yoo caught in the ear.
Yoo Jin moaned in pain, Hye Sung took the opportunity.
Hye Sung complained, "Why are you memfotoku in bad circumstances like that?"
"It's like what do you want me?"
"I'll count to three, before I hit you."

Yoo Jin said that he had volunteered to provide assistance Hye Sung, Sung Hye own but who rejected her kindness. Sung Hye Jin Yoo answered that JB is not a genius, and even no match JB Yoo Jin. Yoo Hye Sung Jin growled as comparing himself with JB. "You really do not have the talent to be proud of it? So you're blaming me." Said Jin Yoo Hye Sung as he pulled his hand from his ear.

Traction force Yoo Jin makes his own ears bleed. See blood in the ears Yoo Jin, Sung Hye feel guilty. Hye Sung asked, "Are your ears okay?"
"You think I'm okay?"

Then later, teacher Jin Man comes. He screamed to see blood in the ear Yoo Jin. Then take action by setting the punishment for Yoo Jin and Hye Sung.

In the morning, Yoo Jin and Hye Sung should bergerumul with chewing gum. Go to the .. Penalties provided Yoo Jin is clean asphalt of gum attachment. Iugh .. They were lucky, but they are not quite Hye Sung. Hye Sung was lucky because he was the first to see firsthand the arrival of the artist OZ Entertainment.

Besides Hye Sung, the reporter also shocked by the arrival of artists from all over OZ Entertainment. And Yoo Jin as the only people who look down on all artists OZ Entertainment.

Arriving OZ Entertainment artists in Kirin, the journalists and the president held a press conference OZ Entertainment. A lot of rumors saying that the actions taken by involving the entire OZ Entertainment artist to Kirin is to divert about violations that have been conducted OZ.

OZ Entertainment president Lee Kwang-Chul, a former artist in the 90's said that they come to Kirin to hone the skills of their artists. The OZ Entertainment artists can learn about the world as well as their keartisan. Moreover, this is a good thing for Kirin itself, because it directly engga Kirin which is currently under the care of Entertainment OZ, all students can say they held a training center in the right direction. They will attend classes in accordance with the standards that have been in charge, without any discrimination.

Even Lee Kwang Chul himself promised that they would mendebut the students who are considered potential. The great advantage to all students, they just need to do their best and Entertaiment OZ door opened for them.

Two comical teacher is Teacher and Teacher Man Jin Tae Yeon is a bit of people from many people who feel that their lives will be completely changed by the presence of the Kirin Entertainment OZ. Taeyeon originally wanted to quit because he felt his career Kirin worse off if he continued to lecture at Kirin. But, like OZ Entertainment brings a new hope, hope for his career.

Engga much different from the Man Jin Kang, Jin Teacher Man feels that he should engga squander this opportunity. Opportunity to be catapulted his name, making it famous. All such expectations are formed just chime in with promises of OZ Entertainment. Iugh.

OZ Entertainment has indeed become the official owner of Kirin, all rules relating to Kirin will be governed directly by Lee Kwang Chul who is president of OZ Entertainment. And, he soon set rules for all students Kirin bound.

A. Prohibited the existence of a special relationship between the students, especially dating. Is strictly prohibited.
2. Engga be dating, are also forbidden to hold hands.
3. Internet Connection was banned, surfing is prohibited.
4. Communication is lost because the phone from now on it is a forbidden thing.

5. Eat freely including the forbidden. Why? Because they are the ones who will be the artist / idol, establish a regular diet as it will benefit the students as well.
6. They should follow the lessons and sports such as horseback riding and basketball are also not allowed.

The first person to think positively about the rules that are Hye Sung. Hye Sung believe that it all would make them an idol.

Engga there will be a difference between a life outside the kirin with HershE and Eden will live long in the Kirin. They will live in the dorms and get a proper education. Shi Woo feels that it is completely beyond the limits of privacy. Agency is completely tied up engga no more room to move freely. That's idol life, right?

Ri-an attempt to speak with Ji Soo. Ri-an excuse compliance with all orders and follow the entire schedule of agencynya is that Ri's career in acting keep it running smoothly. Ri-an initially reluctant to join the HershE, Kwang Chul but changed his mind. Ri Kwang Chul's telling that when he was popular with HershE then there will be lots of drama for her job.

Ri Ji Soo's remind them that the agency was prohibited from stage action as was the case some time ago. It also affects the casting drama that Ri's follow. Even the drama that will be starring Ri's another that already has a replacement Eun Jung T-ara. Kyahaha.

Yoo Jin hear the conversation between Lee and Kwang Chul Joo principal. Actually, with predefined rules OZ Entertaiment, all teachers were wary that the strict rules. Because OZ Entertainment was a strong binding rules for teachers Kirin. Joo principals lucky because he was still allowed to be in Kirin.

In the evening, all students residing in dormitories are given a book. Book containing the rules of strict new regulations Kirin. Confusion and fear everyone felt yagn that time, they are not familiar with the rules that could make them like robots. But again Hye Sung adamant that he would do everything right.

As he was walking in the corridor, Hye Sung Jing eavesdropping of Teacher Man that OZ artist will use their dorms as a residence. That means, Hye Sung and his friends will stay in the same place with HershE and Eden. Another fortune for Hye Sung.

Hearing this, the spirit of 45, Hye Sung who also turned out as the proctor announced at his friends to hold a welcome event for HershE and Eden.

Elsewhere, Yoo Jin was buying a new guitar. The money from a street artist's work earned him the object kesayanganya, guitar.

And, the party was held. Rolly polly-style retro-themed T-ara, all dance and free dance. Hope HershE and Eden had just come impressed with them. HershE and JB Shi Woo minus even looked at their strange appearance.

JB and Ri's still categorized as a man who was among the aliens. to to to .. They are reluctant to join or just dancing. Ailee and Nana while partying.

Finally, professional vs amateur atmosphere also burst. The students are asking for payment on HershE and JB, because they already perform. Instead, they pulled all the luggage and JB HershE.

Big raid occurred, and JB HershE victim this time. They take whatever is in JB backpack. Up to a cassette CD dropped, and without knowing JB Hye Sun found that CD and cassette store.

All Teacher suspended while Taeyeon came to give direction. Due to space problem, which is a regulator of Teacher Taeyeon dorm room set changes. HershE and I: dn get them in private rooms. Students who transfer to other rooms is determined by the value of academic rank and talent they have. That is, there is room for them engga low in academic and zero talent. Surprisingly, Hye Sung so one man who should prepare to move from the dormitory.

Hye Sung was surprised by the decision, how could it happen. Position as chairman of the hostel was engga managed to get it is still in the hostel. Hye Sung was really panicked. Taeyeon Teacher explains that the academic value of the theory for Hye Sung is high but a big zero for practical application Hye Sung.

Teacher told Taeyeon that Hye Sung was the only person who received the Kirin for their academic achievement is not due to talent practices dimiliknya. Luck stopped at another place and leave Hye Sung. Hye Sung was crying and left the place.

Hye Sung engga own, Teacher Jin Man was in charge for out of the dorm. He was still allowed to teach but are not allowed to take care of the dormitory. Teacher Man Poor Jin, he hopes Kang Chul changed its position and allow it to live in the dorms. But Kang Chul provide the motivation that he could find a better place of residence or Teacher Jin Man can live on the roof of Kirin. LOL.

Teacher Jin Man engga imagined that this would happen to him. Required to make it out of the dorm-known period of its heyday with the cast of Dream High 1. He is one who honed cast a Dream High, but now, he became an outcast. Huaa .. sad T.T

Sung Hye remember his struggle to get away with Kirin reception. Lose weight and against his father. Hiks.

That night, he was in boarding school because it was locked. Hye Sung remembered by JB's CDs are available to him. Intrigued by the contents of cassette CD labeled "good", Hye Sung-class play on the big screen.

At different times, JB absurdly frantic because he lost the cassette CD. He rolled around, messing rubicnya and being silly. The bad start menghatuinya. What if the tape gets out on the internet and take his name listed. But JB tried to calm the panic that actually make it grow frantic. CUTE .. CUTE ..

Porn. Wait. JB's CDs were found by Hye Sung is a romance film cassette, semi-pornographic. Hye Sung was watching with his mouth agape, he engga wondering if he should end up watching movies like that.

Without Hye Sung know, Yoo Jin was there in the back Hye Sung. Sung Jin Yoo Hye taunt, he said that if a film like this is like Hye Sung. Sung Hye Jin Yoo upset and sent out. Yoo Jin chuckled. Yoo Hye Sung Jin knows that to spend the night outside a dormitory, where he tells Hye Sung Hye Sung could not sleep. Pointed to a chair that has been laid out neatly by Yoo Jin. Sweet .. Jin Yoo Hye Sung and left.

Ri-an encounter drama director to persuade him to return to play a major role in the play. But, director of the drama was even confusion. Is not Ri's own agency that took the decision to break the contract has been agreed with Ri-an excuse that could focus on school and learning. Ri's really fooled by the representatives of Ji Soo. Ri Ji-Soo said in an if direkturlah already out of the drama, but the fact is different.

Yoo Jin is always left his room, after a night of fun Hye Sung and let her sleep in his place. It turned out that Yoo Jin falling asleep in the Executive Director. Chul Kang and Ji Soo Yoo Jin is seen asleep in the director's chair, they were awakened Yoo Jin and ready to scold. But Yoo Jin said the reason that last night dorm room that was locked and the only room that is unlocked. So, he went to sleep in here.

Kang Chul attention immediately taken to the drawer. It checks and paper on the importance of missing data. They think to blame Yoo Jin, but how can a thief stealing remain in place instead of running away. And they changed their mind, certainly not a steal Yoo Jin.

Whatever the content of the paper, the data in it is very, very important data. After Yoo Jin out of the office, Kang Chul Soo Ji told to clean up the problem of lost data before other problems arise.

At school, Hye Sung returns JB's CD and he signaled that everything on the CD that is the secret. JB smiled awkwardly and relieved that the CD has been re-tape.

Ri's like to clarify about the contract drama that was canceled by his own agency. Ri-an then apply on condition that he would like the training of acting as a substitute for the cancellation of the contract drama. She moan, because it is too tight schedule with HershE stage, so he could not memorize the script plays properly.

Aside from being a representative OZ Entertainment, Ji Soo is also a dancer teacher now. Dancing Queen Kahi. Kahi eonni. Ailee, JB and practice dance routines with Nana koreo they have learned. And other kirin students are required to copy their movements. The result, amateur vs. professional. Spongebob vs SquidWeird (). What?

I love this part .. They dance .. Cool ..

Like being in the slums, Yoo Jin engga comfortable feel. He looked upset and did engga follow directions provided. Teacher dancer Ji Soo aware of it. Ji Soo Yoo Jin offensive, Yoo Jin upset, if he should be able to dance to become a singer?, He thought. Ji Soo Yoo words fend Jin, Yoo Jin Korean literature should learn from the Korean language just talk.

Because Yoo Jin, Ji Soo punish classes that did not stop practicing dance before they are completely exhausted.

Ji Soo told JB to practice their Korean. But when the music in the play. Eui Bong JB challenging. Be the first battle dance, between JB and JR.


And. and .. Who would have thought that stealing the paper's data is President Lee Kwang Chul Woo Shi. OMG OMG OMG .. Shi Woo poor. The paper was a paper that lists the names of students that must be removed from Kirin. They are differentiated based on ability and talent they have. Have a great talent and amazing skills will be maintained in Kirin, and in addition they are considered trash. Lee Kwang Chul who made the list.

Worse, Shi Woo is on the list. In other words, sooner or later Shi Woo will be kicked out of the Kirin and agencynya. Shi Woo restrain anger and vengeful muttering, "I know, this place will turn into a grave."

The commotion also took place between Yoo Jin and JB. Yoo Jin Bong Ui upset defeat in the battle dancer sparring. JB Yoo Jin tried to hit, but Ui Jin Yoo Bong holding hands. JB looked defiant and said, "Do not make a mess in my studio rehearsal space". Yoo Jin was taken in the words of JB. JB Yoo Jin know eat the bait and repeat his words, "Yeah. Exercise room studio"

Synopsis Continued High Dream 2 episode 3 ..
Favorite scene:
Yoo Jin vs his classmates:

Most anti Yoo Jin with anything related to the OZ Entertainment.
He screwed the middle of the broadcast TV show info about the press conference OZ Ent.

Hover a shoe, just hit on the head Yoo Jin.

When Yoo Jin turned around.
Wohoo, who would have thought all his friends ready to throw their own shoes.

With its main target Yoo Jin.
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Dream High 2 Ep 2 Preview

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